Chest And Back Workout for V-Shaped Torso

These days no one has time to work on their body, as everyone is busy in their works whether it is about students or adults. And giving a day to a single body part is impossible.

So if you are thinking to train your full body then sometimes you just need to train all your upper body in one session. On days like these when you train your full upper body, the chest and back workout is the best option for that session.

But after that session, you just have to relax your body, no pushups or any other workout for that day. And a good diet is needed after such type of training. It will be difficult and challenging for you but after that session, you will get your upper body pumped. Pain is Gain.

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This workout doesn’t just get you pumped but also improves your posture by working on your shoulders. And to get stronger back aim on pulling more weight but in a limit don’t use too heavyweight it might harm you. do it more frequently to improve your back. the more you will do bench presses, rows, and lift heavy weights the more you will grow your muscles.

But this isn’t the workout you need to do the whole week. You can do this type of workout twice a week and not more than that with at least two days of rest.

Chest and Back workout

Remember one thing, before doing any workout you should do jumping jacks for at least two minutes. Jumping jacks are like an inevitable thing to do before a workout.

If you are starting a chest and back workout then do it accordingly. don’t forget to rest after each workout for one minute. Complete the workout with 2 sets of exercises of 4

1. Pull-ups

Hang from a strong bar of shoulder-length grab the grip. Widen your shoulder blades and keep your core tight then pull your chest towards the bar and hold when you reach the bar then slowly get yourself down keep yourself hanged by the bar.

That’s when you complete 1 rep. You have to do two or three sets of 6-8 reps according to your capacity. This is how the first exercise of chest and back workout is done.

2. Bent-over dumbbell sets.

Bend yourself down and hold a dumbbell with an overhand grip a bit wider than the shoulder’s width. Tighten your cores and keep your shoulders slightly upper than your hips.

Don’t curve your lower body or it can injure your body part. Then pull the dumbbell towards your chest and then get it back to the starting point.

Do 2-3 sets according to your capacity each of 10 reps. That’s how you complete your second exercise of chest and back workout.

3. Incline press

Lie down on a bench holding dumbbell over your shoulder, choose the weight of the dumbbells according to your capacity.

Keep your core tight and bring your left dumbbell towards your chest and keep your right hand straight holding the dumbbell, do it twice or thrice and then repeat the same thing with your right hand keeping the right hand straight holding the dumbbell.

Then bring both the hands towards the chest simultaneously and repeat the exercise twice or thrice. Do 2-3 sets of this exercise.

That’s how the third exercise of chest and back workout is done.

4. Bench Press

This exercise is the same as that of the third one the only difference in this exercise is that you have to lie down in the manner that you bend yourself by your elbows.

You have to start doing this exercise and you have to do this one simultaneously while in our third exercise the starting reps were not simultaneous.

In this exercise, you have to do three sets each of eight reps. That’s how the fourth exercise of chest and back workout is done.

5. Incline bench dumbbell sets.

Lie down with your chest on a thirty-degree inclined bench and hold lightweight dumbbells and get your abs relaxed, widen your shoulders and let your hands go down naturally.

Then get your dumbbells up and try to raise your elbow upper than your torso as much as you can. Do three sets of this exercise each of ten to twelve reps.

That’s how the fifth exercise of chest and back workout is done.

6. The finisher, dips or push-ups to triceps push-ups 

This is the sixth and the last exercise and that’s why it is also known as a finisher exercise.

For this exercise, you have to get yourself in a push-up position with your face facing in front and get your body down slowly with your face facing in front and when you push back.

Your body back towards the torso, try to jump with your hands in the air and get yourself into a triceps position.

Hands should be narrower than before and do one triceps push-up and then jump again and get yourself back into normal push-up position then do two normal push-ups.

Then get yourself back again into triceps push-up position. Repeat the same two to three times.

That’s how you complete your sixth and last exercise of chest and back workout session. This chest and back workout session are also known as Chest and Back Blast.

This workout is used as two days per week workout by most people.
For more proper workout guidance, read the description given below-

Workout description for chest and back workout

This type of programmed workout is known as four-day split training in which you can add leg and shoulder and arm training this is the only possible way of workout in which you will be able to cover your whole body.

For the full-body training schedule read below –

  • Monday- Chest and back workout #1
  • Tuesday- Off
  • Wednesday- Off
  • Thursday- Chest and back workout #2
  • Friday- Legs workout
  • Saturday- Arms and shoulders workout
  • Sunday- Off

On your second Chest and back workout i.e. on Thursday try to focus more on machines and isolation for a chest workout.

This would allow you to train shoulders and triceps two days later on Saturday without any issues.

After working out on arms and shoulders on Saturday you may have some lingering arms during your chest workout session but that’s ok it’s just a sign that shows your hard work. And be in contact with a trainer while doing such heavy workouts.

Keep your deadlifts for Monday only to get plenty of rest and recovery time for your squats on Friday.

Now the thing that plays a very important role in gaining muscles that is the intake of food, to know about intake of food read below-

A note on food intake for Chest and Back workout

For such type of workout, you should increase your food intake by five hundred to seven hundred calories per day while doing this workout session.

The extra calories will help in growth and recovery. If you still feel hungry after taking the required calories then eat more. Feed your body as many calories as it needs.

This will help you in growing your muscles at a faster rate. The more you work the more you will feel hungry and the more you will gain muscles.

Now many people would be having this query that how long we need to run this workout session. So let’s talk about how long to run this chest and back workout session. (given below)

When to stop this Chest and back workout session

For this type of workout, eight weeks of time will be the maximum that a person should give to this workout. If you feel great and pumped up at this point in time that means you are making very good progress.

It would not affect you if you add four more weeks for this workout and keep working on your chest and back but not more than four weeks, four weeks is the maximum time.

Whenever at any point you feel beat up or totally tired then you can take a week off or you can take the week light or unloaded, it is not necessary to utilize all the weeks.

Yes it is important but not more important than your mental health, mental health should be our first priority.

Proof of the benefits of Chest and Back workout

If you have a doubt about this type of workout then I will love to tell you that the famous bodybuilder Arnold did this workout only chest and the back workout was his favorite workout.

It’s a tremendous honor for me to talk about legendary Arnold Schwarzenneger. In all of his interviews with news channels, he always started with chest and back supersets workout.

In all of his interviews, he tells the good points and benefits of doing Chest and back workouts. The workout given here is the same as that of Arnold’s workout but just his workout was a little bit more complicated and harder as he is a very high-level bodybuilder but that’s not a big difference.

So if you are doing this workout then you can take dedication from legendary Arnold Schwarzenneger.

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym because of your busy schedule then, all the exercises are given in this chest and back workouts can be done at home as well. There is no equipment needed to do this workout. Nowadays most people prefer this type of workout only.

Being enthusiastic while doing the workout is good but don’t get too enthusiastic that you start doing other exercises on chest and back day only, that’s a blunder mistake if you do that.

It will not only beat up your stamina but can also cause serious injury to your health that could be fettle as well. So be precautious about your capacity and limit.

You should give a try to this exercise as it is very effective and many people have reviewed it by giving it a very good rating, and if this exercise really works on you then don’t forget to tell about this workout to your friends and family.

Side effects of doing excessive chest and back workout

Workout is good but excessive workouts can cause a negative impact on your health, it can exert a negative effect on the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine.

This hormonal imbalance can lead to a decrease in concentration level, irritation, depression, lack of sleep, anxiety, etc. it can also affect your hunger and digestive system.

It can also cause more pain and aches or drop in energy or it can cause a change in bowel movement and change the color of urine into dark or reddish, and the worst is that it can cause heart problems too.

If you really want to avoid these problems post-workout or during the workout then do the exercise at a limit according to your capacity.

Take a healthy diet post-workout and consume more and more water, this will avoid you from getting into such bad problems and mental issues.

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If you are really looking for a good upper body workout then you are on the right platform, this is one of the best upper body workout,s and if you really wanna gain muscles at a faster rate then start doing this workout ASAP keeping things mentioned above in your mind. Hope you like this article. thanks for reading this article.

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