Hypnosis for Drinking

Hypnosis for Drinking, First of all, let’s know, what exactly hypnosis is. Hypnosis is a state of mind in which peripheral awareness is reduced and focused attention is induced. In this article, we are going to tell you all information about Hypnosis for Drinking

How Hypnosis For Drinking Works

Hypnosis doesn’t work instantly but it may work. It has a success rate but not every time. It doesn’t control your mind, this method just puts your brain in a very relaxed state, in a meditative state of mind where your focused attention is also increased. This state of mind can help you from getting rid of other problems like getting relaxation from anxiety etc.

Hypnosis for Drinking

But only if you have a trained professional otherwise it can also be harmful to you as you become very receptive at this stage. It can also bring a behavioral change to you. Scientific research looking at hypnotherapy for alcohol use disorder is still limited, but it may be worth a try.
If you want to cut back on alcohol then this is the most efficient way.

What Researches Say About Hypnosis For Drinking

A recent study looking at hypnotherapy for alcohol use disorder compared this treatment to motivational interviewing. This study involved 31 adults in a treatment program for alcohol use disorder. They were assigned randomly into two different groups. Each one of them attended group counseling and other activities. But they also received 1 hour of individual therapy every week.

As in this research, they were comparing hypnotherapy for alcohol to motivational interviewing so they gave hypnotherapy to one group and motivational interview to another one, to compare them Hypnotherapy is used in this research in ways like asking each to visualize them mastering urges to drink alcohol. By remaining calm in the situations when the stress and anxiety poke to drink alcohol, passing up a bottle at social events, and by avoiding entering the liquor shop.

Result of research of Hypnosis for Drinking

When they (researchers) followed up after a year of the research, they found that-

  • All the participants who responded to the follow-up reported a notable decrease in consumption of alcohol
  • They also reported less stress and anxiety
  • Nine of the participants from the hypnotherapy group reported complete sobriety as opposed to seven participants of the motivational interview group.

Benefits of Hypnosis for Drinking

Hypnosis has so many benefits it reduces most of the mental issues. If someone is using alcohol to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression then hypnosis could be very efficient to that person.

Hypnosis for Drinking

As you read before that hypnosis also promotes behavioral change and when your behavior changes you get sensible for yourself and understand what harms your health and that is what could support hypnosis for drinking. Researches are still going on and it is expected that in future it is going to get more effective which could change the lives of many people and will help to bring the life of people back on the right track.

How Professionals Perform Hypnosis On Victims

  • In hypnosis for drinking they ask for goals, they ask to quit drinking, they ask for normal habits of that person, how often the victim consumes alcohol, etc.
  • They bring victims in a very relaxed state by creating a comfortable atmosphere around them by playing soothing music or by showing images.
  • Then they will get the victim in a fully focussed attention state and ask them to imagine getting in a stressful situation and how are they going to get out of that situation.
  • Once they get the victim then they start talking to them calmly to get them out of the situation.
  • After completing the session the victim will feel very calm and relaxed and will be able to remember everything which happened during the session.
  • Briefly, we can say that by believing ourselves and by visualizing stressful situations and by getting out from that situation in your imagination only you get a lot of confidence and hence you will have a higher chance of success from getting rid of these problems.

For Victims With No Access To Professional

Many people don’t have access to a professional therapist or they may not feel comfortable going to a therapist there can be so many reasons for not having access To a professional therapist. And going to an unprofessional therapist could give a harmful result hence going to an unprofessional therapist is foolish. Self-hypnosis can work for people who don’t have access.

People who are doing self-hypnosis have a lot of options like using different guides from google or by watching videos on youtube. You can also use apps for self-hypnosis and some of the apps for hypnosis are even verified by professionals.

You can also talk to the professionals on sites or apps Hypnosis for drinking is still in its incipient stage. It has good results no harm has yet been found if you do it under the eyes of a professional but it doesn’t work for everyone. If hypnosis doesn’t work on you don’t get worried this method doesn’t work on everyone and there are plenty of ways by which you can get helped.

Side-Effects and Harms of Hypnosis for Drinking

As we have talked about before it doesn’t have harm but if a person already has some mental issues then it can be harmful to that person.

And if we talk about side effects then yes it has some side effects which are temporary and sometimes don’t even appear but for some people, these side effects can get very complicated, and may need painkiller pills to get rid of it. These side effects could be a headache, drowsy feeling, anxiety, etc. but all the side effects are temporary and disappear with good results on your mental health. But for some rare cases if these effects keep on getting complicated then you should consult your therapist and tell them the problem.

Control Alcohol Consumption Hypnotherapy

This Hypnotherapy is used in this research in ways like asking each to visualize them mastering urges to drink alcohol. By remaining calm in the situations when the stress and anxiety poke to drink alcohol, passing up a bottle at social events, and by avoiding entering the liquor shop.

Control Alcohol Consumption Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Drinking4

About The Product

  • This audio has been constructed to help people be aware of and reduce their alcohol intake. 
  • Wake up every morning feeling refreshed and full of life!
  • Manage stress and anxiety without turning to alcohol!
  • Attend a party or social event and avoid drinking alcohol!


now after reading this article we can say that Hypnosis for drinking isn’t magic it doesn’t work every time but if you or someone you know has the problem then you should try it once under the advice of a professional therapist. We hope that we give you all the information about Hypnosis for Drinking. We hope that you like this informative article. Thanks for reading this

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